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Peter Pan on twitter
RT @flowerljp: "one direction fans are 12 year olds" they've been saying this since 2010 people grow up you dumb bitch we ain't peter pan

Twitter: @moonrjse

In the words of Peter Pan.... 'Think happy thoughts' x

Twitter: @polesville

Make them bitches fly like Peter Pan do

Twitter: @ThatGuy_Raymond

I Make Bitches Fly Like Peter Pan Do

Twitter: @Ot_Da_Step_King

RT @ronzzykevin: "You were prettier than Wendy, Cinderella~" EXO - Peter Pan.

Twitter: @ReginaMariosha

RT @imazliayu_: “@itsmovies: "Never say goodbye, because saying goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting." - Peter Pan”

Twitter: @_Ardiyan28Adhit