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I'm want go Disneyland.I'm want to meet Peter Pan.

Twitter: @Atu0203

RT @asassywhale: why is peter pan always flying? he neverlands I like this joke because it never grows old

Twitter: @AkmallyWally

@rlevans51 @ms_peterpan Back cover photo of "Peter Pan", but book says 1933 AJC St Leger. Amaz'ly, PP bt Oro in both by same 1.5L, Pike up.

Twitter: @sconebloodstock

Maybe my Peter Pan hasn't come yet. Or maybe, I am my only version of Peter.

Twitter: @ahmzeynee

NBC Shares Extended Sneak Peek at 'Peter Pan Live!'

Twitter: @flightsea1

RT @mikerotondo86: Dear @ABCNetwork, I was excited 2 watch Peter Pan live until I found out Peter Pan is being played by a girl. Quit tryin…

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