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Phi Beta Kappa on twitter
@kevinroose what's the overlap between burning man and kappa beta phi

Twitter: @MattZeitlin

@mariosity J Marguiles' hubby: A.B. in Philosophy, summa cum laude from Dartmouth; Phi Beta Kappa.; J.D. cum laude from Harvard Law School

Twitter: @CoopersChewToy

@tashalae yeah, def need to be in a situation where the money would make a difference. I wonder if there's a market for Phi Beta Kappa eggs…

Twitter: @ambitiouspants

You can't aggrandize your Phi Beta Kappa and inclose it too

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First college coffee on the quad of the year ☺️☕️ @ Phi Beta Kappa Plaza

Twitter: @_megusta17

“@CollegeCoffeeEU: THE WAIT IS OVER! the 1st #collegecoffee is TODAY at 9:40am on Phi Beta Kappa Plaza”

Twitter: @ElonAEO_Jill

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