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Phil Spector on twitter
The man I'm crushing on just received a letter from Phil Spector.

Twitter: @Libby_Swanner

@bingowings14 Phil Spector? 'Scuse the tiara, that's been in there since New Year's Eve and it's not coming out.

Twitter: @kazzydoodah

Phil Spector's(?) is apparently bothering stocks. our world today

Twitter: @awkweeird

10:45am be my baby - the ronnettes - sing their greatest hits(phil spector)

Twitter: @kalxplaylist

@Skol_Paul Get as many tracks as possible and overlay like Phil Spector while sitting in my maws in your dressing gown shooting women.

Twitter: @thedunnthing

@jozenc sounded like some sort of Phil Spector acid-trip wrought with sorrow

Twitter: @tahirtweets