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RT @BBCRadio4: How a 16 year-old school leaver became a Professor, a Dame & a drug pioneer. Salute Carol Robinson's inspiring career http:/…

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Happy Pioneer Day , Mormons. Does mitt have all ten?

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RT @giulianoal: Starting my djset Hotel Es Vive with my new headphone :) Pioneer DJ #whiteedition #summer #ibiza

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@shellylane15 RT house fest 5 & summer slam your free cd> tickets>

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RT @RuthHallPLAAS: Global seed market valued at $45bill of which $428mill is in SA, dominated just 2 companies: Monsanto & Pioneer #corpora…

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RT @RuthHallPLAAS: 50% in SA lack regular access to food, yet 2 biggest staple food company (Tiger Brands & Pioneer Brands) made R2.4bill p…

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