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Pool Table on twitter
A large foreigner leaning over a pool table wearing only speedo is something that I really never wanted to see but guess what I'm looking at

Twitter: @kellyjelly12

#concierge Rosewood Beijing Opens Today: Complete with library, pool table and fireplace, serving a menu of co...

Twitter: @PremiereSharon

Just bought a pool table! Bout to turn pro and take errbody money's

Twitter: @sn0melc

@Straussmax if we get a bill for pool table cleaning, I'm calling your parents. Also, meet your mentor: @toaderoff!

Twitter: @RulingSports

RT @Buster_ESPN: The pool table infield here continues to play fast…

Twitter: @Nieto12Andres

< of the pool table* Why even bother anymore? You used past tense. You loved me. *waves @RhiannonBT off* Just go on home, Rhiannon.

Twitter: @ShiftyJonathan