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Fun Fact: Despite their creation having been banned by the council in 1782, Venice currently has the world's largest Rat-Thing population.

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RT @Pop_Council: Not 1 child should be out of school. @Pop_Council op-ed: Focus education on girls & under-15 population in Pakistan. http:…

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@Govgg Is it right to assume a 5% uplift in population projections to future proof? Policy Council suggest 1-2%

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@PaulBigland1 0.5% of Staffs population signed petition for council to join 51M lol @NigelSarbutts

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52 out of 197 countries around the world are in the International #ergonomics association, >80% of world population

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@swardley In Vienna/Austria, 60% of the total population lives in council estate (and I do too).

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