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Today in 1944 Navy pilot George H. W. Bush, later the forty-first U.S. president, is shot down and rescued in the Pacific.

Twitter: @romancerider

Happy 90th birthday President George H.W. Bush!

Twitter: @RealRawRight

Happy Labor Day from Former President George W. Bush🇺🇸 #PresidentBush #GeorgeWBush #GeorgeBushImpression #H...

Twitter: @SNLstar

Back to 2006: Former U.S. President George H.W. #Bush and his wife Barbara visited #WallStreetEnglish in #Beijing.

Twitter: @TizianoPecce

I wonder if #President George H. W. Bush shops for #socks at The Exchange?

Twitter: @SMWExchange

On Iraq, President George W. Bush was Right -David H. Mirsky, ExeterNHPatch Mr. President: Do Your Job! #Obama #ISIS

Twitter: @David_Mirsky