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@Lamarche 828 - (IBD) Obama Fail - Ukrainian President Warns Of New Cold War

Twitter: @gerfingerpoken2

If you think Obama's got your back because your black then you completely misunderstood the world "president."...

Twitter: @KodyLee7

IF Obama had listened to our Military leaders ISIS would have NEVER grown to the Force they are today... That...

Twitter: @audrey8155

When I hear Obama mocking The Bible, Gods Holy word I just want to smack him silly with the good ole book. You need Jesus Mr. President.

Twitter: @EllenRosepope

What would you ask President Obama? @questionoftheday - 😦

Twitter: @Fer_TSDL

RT @KFIAM640: Secret Service says fence-jumper made it through North Portico doors of White House today, shortly after President Obama, dau…

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