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RT @HowieHawkins: #nysgovdebate Hawkins: Lower property taxes, clean energy will create new jobs and get the economy in the right direction

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RT @HowieHawkins: Need full employment. Create 4.5 million jobs with clean energy, lower property taxes with single payer health care.

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@Theawinde He'll never get the sales tax.It sounds like he's open to raising property taxes when that won't fly. That's what I meant.

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RT @StefanieRowan: “@TheBuffaloNews: Cuomo: "Property taxes are killing this state." #nysgovdebate”just realizing this now?

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How much are property taxes in Pittsburgh? BECAUSE THE FLYERS OWN CONSOL.

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RT @reformNowR: "@Annette_Taddeo: .@CharlieCrist saved us billions on property taxes when he was governor. #FLDebate"

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