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Kid's Play: Sesame Street explores ways to use talk tech to teach preschool literacy thru AI, DB, + more. #Innovation

Twitter: @brandnewpurpose

RT @d_seaman: Govt’s value proposition: pay us 40% per yr, or we imprison you. Then we use that money to spy on you, start wars, imprison m…

Twitter: @M_LuLu_13

Whole Paycheck: Whole Foods's new tagline "Values Matter" but w/ growth down + competition up "Value Matters" #Socent

Twitter: @brandguru

"If elected, I will defend Proposition 13" - Huntington Beach Independent

Twitter: @TaxAppealCA

Thanks @thedailytexan for voting 'no' on #Prop1 - Keep spreading the word before the joke is on us.

Twitter: @NoRailTax (PR): 9th Largest City in California, Bakersfield, Passes Resolution Supporting Taxpayers and Proposition 13

Twitter: @prpnews

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