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@HispLeadFund Puerto Ricans aren't Cubans, @agarciapadilla isn't Castro, and Koch brothers are no boogiemen. Not scared of your 2 bit PAC

Twitter: @PuertoRicoSerio

My Puerto Rican just schooled me on the difference between Columbian, Mexican and Puerto Ricans...weeeepa!

Twitter: @PamelaFierce

Just ate some Dominican food. Not to good. Ya Puerto ricans cook better

Twitter: @ReddDiamondss

@sean_m_maguire i promise. Most of Puerto Ricans speak English. Lol

Twitter: @jlo1013

RT @mrtruthandsoul: Say what you will about the Puerto Ricans, but they did in---actually, they haven't really done anything, have they?

Twitter: @AnchorsAviators

@jenniGc09 seriously?? Lol I don't think we look like Puerto Ricans

Twitter: @Kilo_Rocha

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