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Not even racist or judgmental. I know for a fact they are Puerto Ricans and that he does cocaine and abuses her. But that's not my business.

Twitter: @amyburrr

Diamond is out there seeing Tammy in California rn and I'm stuck in this apartment in Jamestown with crackhead Puerto Ricans downstairs js

Twitter: @amyburrr

English Only? For Mainland Puerto Ricans, The Answer Is Often Yes

Twitter: @StHadyel

You ain't never lied. RT @WhoIsYoda: Puerto Ricans are kryptonite.

Twitter: @BOOMbytches

Puerto Ricans takin over I'm gonna let them lol

Twitter: @Poetic_Samurai

RT @Derek_Novah: Trilligan's Island - Puerto Ricans Are Blowing Up Latin Hip Hop