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Puerto Ricans on twitter
Why do people try and come up against Puerto Ricans like we can bite our tongues? You're getting told🙊🙊🙊

Twitter: @scaryspooky

Loud street cars and Puerto Ricans = Typical Saturday night on South OBT

Twitter: @Andrew_Roldan

I heard Puerto Ricans like burning ppl with battery acid

Twitter: @lennibunny

I'm getting tired of the party at 1:30 am we do the paso doble that is what Puerto Ricans But now sleep good morning

Twitter: @alba32160

Now he tryna flirt oweeeeee but I think he Puerto Rican or some but y'all I know I love me some Puerto Ricans shiddddddd 💦😩😍😋

Twitter: @Kania_xO

I don't understand how in 2014, people still making movies set in NY with no Black people, no Puerto Ricans, no Asians...

Twitter: @rashanjamal

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