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These puerto ricans better stop actin like its 80° in the morning and put some clothes on

Twitter: @_lordmartinez

@velascolaw Do Puerto Ricans have Santa Claus????

Twitter: @FollowSmoke1

RT @ThisIsFusion: Young Puerto Ricans don't care about the island’s territorial status. They care about jobs, @mcolumna writes: http://t.c…

Twitter: @nachrichtenlos

RT @kissmybeauty_7: Mexicans & Puerto Ricans do have a different way of speaking BUT ITS STILL SPANISH & they understand eachother ✋

Twitter: @ProudMahomie6

RT @305INCO: I don't feel bad at all bro. Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, if y'all have been here for 10+ years, by now y'all should know …

Twitter: @Rqmp_x0

Puerto Ricans girls be 😍 but they crazy as hell

Twitter: @layedback_rob

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