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@airwreckikeman oh really? You wanna act like that? So I guess Indian people smell good and Puerto Ricans won't stab you in broad day light?

Twitter: @KannonFobes

@WiseGuy0_O Aarón, I wrote a book called WAR AGAINST ALL PUERTO RICANS that's being published this April. P'alante.

Twitter: @NelsonADenis

@LifeCheating Only Puerto Ricans freeze fruits and carry knives in their boots.

Twitter: @Moralz84

@quitamaskara ....and they said he was having fun, but they follow Obama directives of finishing Latins and Puerto Ricans

Twitter: @quitamaskara

RT @NYDailyNews: Dominicans have surpassed Puerto Ricans as New York City’s largest Latino group.…

Twitter: @_Honeydiiipp

Genetically speaking, Dominicans and Puerto Ricans are EXTREMELY different.

Twitter: @gxldglory

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