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RT @justinbieber: Started the night not feeling to good. But you all raised my energy. Thank you. Te amo Puerto Rico!! Te amo! DR is next. …

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@MercEkitz @DaEmprahsFinest @IGDA and, more importantly, the head of igda puerto rico. To grt off the list you need to give freebsdgirl the

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RT @xoSooyounnn: @ruthmdefan @TT_Ghost Puerto Rico dump bc everything is free

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RT @daiconiv: @TheRealPolina @coojiejab @draginol @MothershipTeam Guess she doesn't give a rats ass about Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico Sees Slight Drop in Unemployment Rate

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RT @Borgore: So puñeta is a good thing in Puerto Rico and bad thing in Portugal and the Philippines. Noted.

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Chase's Calendar of Events 2015
Editors of Chase's Calendar of Events, $52.88
K'wan, $6.97