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RT @Roll_Oh: Happy Jesus weed smoke bible day!

Twitter: @itsj_res

RT @Infamous_AE: Quick 8thy res ride ..

Twitter: @GarciaL3

Quick 8thy res ride ..

Twitter: @Infamous_AE

@electionlit ha, no substantial diff I wudv thought, mayb just nicer ;) Local res assoc had a split apparently. Over traffic calming, lol.

Twitter: @ddblake7

RT @CuntsWatching: Congratulations! It's taken you 27 days to take your fucking hat off.

Twitter: @___Res

Awudiki! :"D"@Just_Azi: Res life will have you stealing your mom's Jacobs coffee the night before you leave home:"D real nigguh things:"D"

Twitter: @VkaySilwana

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