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Karaoke downstairs in the lobby of my Res?!??!?!?! OHMAANN!!! :D

Twitter: @Edward_Chaan

I don't have to wake up at 6:30 tomorrow and I found someone in my res to go to Seahaven with #happycamper

Twitter: @mtrenchhh

RT @LearnSomethlng: The moon from space

Twitter: @XavierFlow_res

Dean Winchester #JensenAckles filming #Supernatural near Gastown Hi res photos here: @yvrshoots

Twitter: @MarkKlotz

RT @niapolitan: fucking everyone in res in watching the mindy project tonight

Twitter: @JABSTV

RT @CCHSXC: Next stop... North Andover @ the res

Twitter: @CGonzalez483

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