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oh hell no I better not be getting allergic to that 😭

Twitter: @Nia_res

@BelieveTourneys Yes we have...

Twitter: @Res_Remiix

@ValesEuphoria hell yeah 😂 yeh-ha 🐎

Twitter: @Nia_res

@methylnick @PubChase @dfflanders @ITS_Res @sritchie73 @Medi_Cole @MVEG001 @DrChromo Idea and algorithm by @deadsmiths. Built by @zappylab.

Twitter: @lteytelman

@SuperheroReport Ok, so the bat pic does exist somewhere. Who has it? And anyway to get a decent res of just the right pic?

Twitter: @Vendetta_Comics

@UNVTourneys our next opponents are no shows. Do you want me to report on the site and @ you in the proof on twitter?

Twitter: @ReS_Placid

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