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Railroad Street Art - Artur Bordalo Turns Train Tracks into Works of Cultural Street Art #Graffiti:

Twitter: @th_graffiti

@mererehmann_2 because your the best defender this side of the railroad tracks.

Twitter: @hetshep

@LyokoTravels @iStricer The shop for the farm I work at is right next to railroad tracks. Our train car art is usually a bunch of penises.

Twitter: @TrueNugget

@sonyagoins1 apparently there is a sinkhole on 42nd Av N @ the railroad tracks

Twitter: @erik3815

@KneeGrowAdam this dude was on tv today lookin like he gonna tie a girl to the railroad tracks lol

Twitter: @ArmoredMexican

i was walking down the railroad tracks and some guy yelled "TRAIN!" at me so i started jogging.

Twitter: @ImTrashTBH