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@ThatSusanBurke @jennflip I mean it's better than being tied to the railroad tracks amirite?

Twitter: @Tortacular

Shout out to the guy walking down the railroad tracks with a 12 pack of beast ice. We all salute you.

Twitter: @fftyshdsofgrace

My team + I built this dining room table today out of railroad tracks. 😊🏡 #HomeDesign #Decor…

Twitter: @KatrinaCampins

Just a cool pic of me on some railroad tracks

Twitter: @polar_rat

Part of growing up is figuring out if the things we were told were bad, are actually bad after all. Like driving on the railroad tracks.

Twitter: @SpotsAndKnots

@edwin53rd thanks. My car flipped over on its side, it skidded about 20ft and I ended up underneath some railroad tracks.

Twitter: @drana33