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Rain Bird on twitter
Hit a small bird with my windshield on the way home. Good to know it works for more than rain.

Twitter: @JodyBlanco

Is as free as a bird ... they should be following @hippiesandhalos and dancing till sunrise ... kissing in the rain and loving each other

Twitter: @tweetabelow

@_Chantorria it's bout to rain up here! but everybody still going out, we gone wait until next week.

Twitter: @biRd_Watson

Thank you rain for washing the bird poop off the hood of my car πŸ™

Twitter: @alyshiaoh

Jogging in the rain is the best...until a frightened bird poops on you #lol #mkay

Twitter: @JMcMoney117

β€œ@WillUBeMy_: When it rain like this all I want to do is eat” wtf πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Twitter: @YoungNigga_Bird