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RT @ForeverGreen_: Rajon Rondo is the only player in the NBA that's averaging double digit assists.

Twitter: @George_uriarte

RT @stevekylerNBA: To compare Kyrie's assist chart -- here is Rajon Rondo -- look at the FG% of his guys - compared to Kyrie's…

Twitter: @RyanJenness

“@BostonCelts4eva: Rajon Rondo is the only player in the #NBA that is averaging double-figure assists.”@AndrewChagnon

Twitter: @therealtmoney9

RT @Talk_NBA_: Rajon Rondo on Mike Conley: "He doesn't get any of the fame or credit he deserves"

Twitter: @squirmy426

Rajon Rondo is the Worst Free Throw Shooter in the NBA After Nine Games.. #Celtics #NBA

Twitter: @Bo_Celtics_News

Report: Celtics Have Told Other Teams They Are Not Trading Rajon Rondo.. #Celtics #NBA

Twitter: @Bo_Celtics_News

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