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@nbated I think you have Ray McCallum and CJ McCollum mixed up.

Twitter: @MitchRossMKE

@SacramentoKings play LESS Ramon sessions & play MORE Ray McCallum

Twitter: @YoungRellzUL

They both suck, realistically. Brad's proly Ray McCallum tho. RT @M_Shadey: @therealbradg Dammit, you’re worse than @gwiss

Twitter: @Kingsguru21

Ray Mccallum got top 5 icey-est edge up in the league.......

Twitter: @DaYellowMamba

Ray McCallum might be bae but like I could be lying 😍😛😍😛😍😛😍

Twitter: @lexi_melone

I'd love Ray McCallum to get some tick for this Kings squad.

Twitter: @WBHUAlum