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Reggie Smith on twitter
@Reggie_Jackson "I love to be hated." Well, all of us @DetroitPistons fans hate you right now! You're worse than Josh Smith!

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Welp Reggie is not a fan of granny smith apples lol

Twitter: @ciaokatie

RT @PistonPowered: It's never SVG's fault on a night like this. It's never KCP's fault when he can't hit. It's NEVER Drummond's fault. It'…

Twitter: @W_Smith_Jr

RT @PistonPowered: It's just funny that Reggie Jackson is always the scapegoat because of money. The whole team deserves blame, even the lo…

Twitter: @W_Smith_Jr

RT @PistonPowered: I don't think it's fair to sit here and blame Reggie Jackson for the Pistons not being able to shoot. He plays well, eve…

Twitter: @W_Smith_Jr

@grazybizzle if we get Jaylon Smith Reggie Ragland or Myles jack I'd be ecstatic I'm up in arms about who between edge and WR is more imp.

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