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Pistons should get rid of jennings and Smith and try to get Moe Harkless and Reggie Jackson

Twitter: @J_Skin_

@ToKeNasty Me: 3 Flashpack backs Josh cribbs, Alex Smith, Peyton Hillis. Toke: Reggie Bush, Justin Smith, Darren Sproles #MaddenLogic

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@The700Level Reno Mahe, Koy Detmer, LJ Smith, Reggie Brown, Freddie Mitchell, Mark Simeneau and Macho Harris.

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westfield mall> smith heaven mall

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@willie_t_smith @attymonty shid not premium so I can't do nothing with that Reggie

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RT @hannibalburess: .@TuccinotMatt pointed out that Reggie Miller and T-Mac have scored more points than UCLA with way less time. https:/…

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