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...Im bouta make reggie bush fall in love with me

Twitter: @TheBreakupSong

I promise that's my dude but we don't smoke that Reggie Bush

Twitter: @hadia_xo

@allchris2 like is this a normal thing people know...? I only know of Reggie Bush #awk

Twitter: @ColleenNeens

@jetswhispers his move to pass on Reggie bush for super Mario was a ballsy and excellent decision

Twitter: @NYSportReporter

The 00 and 01 Miami teams are arguably the best college teams ever but I do feel as tho Reggie Bush and USC could beat them on any given day

Twitter: @MattMcDonald__

@JustinYousif22 WHO IS HE??? reggie bush😂😂😂😂

Twitter: @mirandahermiz

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