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@_Soaresy24 I got Megatron and Reggie Bush 😭😭😭

Twitter: @_Dezzzzz_

wonder if Kris Humphries is gonna pull a Reggie Bush..marry a chick who looks smack like Kim

Twitter: @Tay_Graham

@SiKwitIT_ Oregon got them jerseys n Reggie bush took some of the greatest hits I seen 😳😂💢💥

Twitter: @Kev_sodope

Reggie Bush accepts money and "other stuff" and has his Heisman trophy stripped, Gurley gets suspended 4 games.

Twitter: @MCiambriello8

Once Calvin Johnson healthy and we got Golden Tate and Reggie Bush and Joique Bell. Oh my gosh 🙌🙌🙌 @Lions

Twitter: @Adam_GotFans

Edgy enough to give Reggie Bush a wedgie

Twitter: @JGiff8