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Rhode Island on twitter
RT @RIprobz: RHODE ISLAND IS NOT A PART OF NEW YORK! Stop confusing us with LONG and/or STATEN island!! #IdentityProblems #RIprobz

Twitter: @Cullen_Dawn

What happens in Central Falls, Rhode Island STAYS in Central Falls Rhode Island. #CuzItsSmall #AndNothingHappensThere

Twitter: @joycough

RT @cinnavanillalou: RHODE ISLAND #MTVHottest One Direction

Twitter: @harrynnutella

Enjoying the day with the girlfriend after apartment shopping for me in Rhode Island!! @kaitywil @…

Twitter: @ljr524

Of course I stopped by @taylorswift13 house in Rhode Island today. Can't you tell how happy I am?


#TweeMeCam wish u would come to Rhode Island My dream would come true😔😔 #TweeMeCam

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