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Rick Santorum on twitter
@Femme_Mal @joshtpm I got calls from the DCCC and Rick Santorum on the same day! My metadata must be in a shambles

Twitter: @DoctorSyntax

Why 'Modern Family' Star Eric Stonestreet Refused A Photo With Rick Santorum - There's no question that...

Twitter: @Gossip_Central_

@Rosie So proud of Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet who refuses to be photographed with homophobe, Rick Santorum.

Twitter: @NarrativeArtist

Oh wow. My Night At The Heritage Foundation Watching Rick Santorum’s New ‘Religious Liberty’ Movie

Twitter: @russrankinNJD

When America discovers who Rick Santorum REALLY is, they will know the media LIED 2 US in 2012 #PJNET #CCOT

Twitter: @eph4_15

where do i get a rick santorum sweatervest

Twitter: @satan_senpai