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Photoset: rick-owen: Marc by Marc Jacobs S/S 15

Twitter: @MattytheLight

I liked a @YouTube video Captain Rick Jacobs - "Battle of the Java Sea"

Twitter: @EBrock1972

This fool better not play around. Rick will kill him with a quickness #FoolRickOnceShameOnYou #FoolHimTwiceYouDie

Twitter: @meg_jacobs_

@Raagzyy The laser eagle is a quest reward, it's a shock jacobs with 100% accuracy. And that is what I did for my legendary guns.

Twitter: @Rick_Steel_Flex

@Raagzyy Yeah, I still need a good pistol for Nisha. I only have a purple Jacobs and Hyperion. I might go for another laser eagle in TVHM

Twitter: @Rick_Steel_Flex

My two favorite guys. My Honey Rick @NativeAmerican7 and JimJacobs father of MSgt Tara Jacobs Brown #RIP Tara.

Twitter: @MsVetAmerica1

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