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The Pistons are about to be fire with this Rick Mahorn and Grant Hill combo this year.

Twitter: @TallAssNicholas

@mopatton_sports MJ would've. Charles Oakley would've, Rick Mahorn, I could go on all night.

Twitter: @mltaylor13pt1

Rick Mahorn and Bill Laimbeer think this is all very cute.

Twitter: @RyanKaltenbach

@4CUSH4 nothing anyone puts on film will ever be better than Rick Mahorn & Bill Laimbeer explain Tap Tap then punch Larry Legend in the face

Twitter: @bolerussillo

Jordan Hill runs the floor at a similar pace to Rick Mahorn in his stint with the New Jersey Nets. #research

Twitter: @TheN1M

@dmac1043 @BigAlRadio Rick Mahorn boys

Twitter: @CSURamMan