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@strobist First camera bought was a Kowa SE, first I loved - My Leica M2 with collapsible 50mm Elmar I bought at Ritz camera in DC.

Twitter: @aerial_photog

two big dogs two pygmy goats 32 chickens and one doe deer eating Ritz crackers in my yard today and me with no camera

Twitter: @FloydSfloyd62

RT @BabyAnimalPics: When you get too close to the camera

Twitter: @jessie_ritz

WTTW: Ritz Camera is going out of business... better get your electronic game up - while you can, lol!

Twitter: @upeotol

@MissCleoBB I'm still crying about Frankie complaining to camera that he is not at the Ritz Carlton... I mean come-on ....

Twitter: @bohratom

@TJnPJs Nah, nothing big. Frankie spoke to the camera at one point and told feedsters how much he missed the Ritz Carleton.

Twitter: @shortbuslife