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@cushbomb Get it done, Rob Reiner!

Twitter: @RobertJBaumann

A Few Good Men has turned into a patriotic masterpiece. Suck it Rob Reiner, you liberal ****

Twitter: @mgrundman

@Anon_Paparazzi @RedRiverTex wasn't he in that one movie with Rob Reiner?

Twitter: @belimbecile

Exclusive: Rob Reiner's hairpiece via @USATODAY

Twitter: @a_greenwood

Dang it Rob Reiner, what are you doing to me! #GreatImAWerewolfNow

Twitter: @azure67

RT @FilmLinc: Great video of Rob Reiner (this year's Chaplin recipient) and Norman Lear on @ArsenioHall from 1991:

Twitter: @AdAtTube1