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Rob Reiner on twitter
@T_Nicolas_Tucci @TaraTucc Rob Reiner made the movie Dickie Roberts so you watch your mouth

Twitter: @Trey_ball44

@Trey_ball44 @TaraTucc Rob Reiner is a phony

Twitter: @T_Nicolas_Tucci

@TaraTucc @T_Nicolas_Tucci Rob Reiner directed it though lol

Twitter: @Trey_ball44

"Sometimes lying is okay, like when you know what's good for people more than they do." -Rob Reiner

Twitter: @SouthParkTrivia

@drgonzolives Andre the Giant in a Rob Reiner movie? I'm sold.

Twitter: @jamesmaitre

RT @paulrstafford: STAND BY ME (1986) Cinematographer: Thomas Del Ruth | Director: Rob Reiner @OnePerfectShot

Twitter: @bhutton48