Topic: Robert Spencer
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Robert Spencer on twitter
The One Minute Manager Audio Collection (9780743596510) Kenneth Blanchard, Spencer Johnson, Robert M.D Lorber

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@Green_Footballs awwww! You no like Pam Geller now? You want Robert Spencer babies?

Twitter: @iRashido

@HRWatcher1 lol.... oh dear... you hate spencer but yet you can't refute him... you might wanna rethink your allegiance. robert is truth

Twitter: @EliWiser

@andilinks I follow both Pam Geller and Robert Spencer... and of

Twitter: @vibora_volando

@ygurvitz @OccupationCat @ynkutner @AviMayer so do you consider Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer experts on Islam? Who did u learn from?

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RT @RiosJose559: @WorldsApart_RT @RT_com @jihadwatchRS can you not have bigot robert spencer on tv please?

Twitter: @HRWatcher1