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Rock Cartwright on twitter
I'm Awkward Like Cartwright Rock Wit A Nigga Shot Ugly But My Arch Right C'mon Dog Bark Bite...

Twitter: @Delz114th

@Rockgotti25 @JasonLaCanfora @michaelbush29 Rock Cartwright sounds like one of the all time great football movie character names.

Twitter: @TalkCritic

@Trey_Cartwright It's considered rock I think?

Twitter: @GrellSutclxff

Try and tell me Greg Cartwright is not America's preeminent rock-n-roller.

Twitter: @hoopinion

#fbf to a couple years ago when we gave our rock n'roll hero Greg Cartwright a Fossil & Hide keychain.…

Twitter: @fossilandhide

@charotaco @mergerecords The real @ReigningSound1 rocked #merge25 last night. Trying to match Greg Cartwright's voice is a fool's errand.

Twitter: @pet_rock