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After researchin&writin 12 pgs about Trayvon Martin, Eric garner, Rodney king & Brown. My hatred for white people has extended even more smh

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@VictorConner @AllHailDarkseid lol you are a kid actually. And so no, you weren't alive for Rodney King so you are talking out your ass?

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@rodney_hill4 thanks son😈

Twitter: @King_Trizzy16

@DanRiehl Shoulda had picture of Rodney King, and quote, "Can't we all get along?"

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@LambSlaughtered @evil_laurel a Category 5 Chimpout is like the Rodney King Riots, Category 1 is like that 1 nigger Martese at Vsu chimping

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RT @_KingMarii: “@iH8TvvitterHoes: Nah she gotta get beat in the name of Rodney King, MLK, and Malcolm X” I Would R…

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