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If you tried to give Rock and roll another name, you might call it Chuck Berry- John Lennon

Twitter: @rockk_lyrics

Let my bitch roll all my blunts , call it hands free

Twitter: @Projectnigga_E

"now I understand why they call it rock and ROLL! This is fabulous! Who else is rollin here?" -man rolling around on the ground at a concert

Twitter: @jameshartnett

*did you just call yourself a tootsie roll*

Twitter: @uhjocelynx

Icc sportsmanliness world without end pot luminary roll call, tickets, dates else activist ditch: LuxZukId

Twitter: @MadelynSerenity

#SledFreeOrDie Call of lil patriots with DNA of Sons of Liberty, riding their snow piercing sleds. How we roll in America. @Greggutfeld

Twitter: @SunnyJL52