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Hermedist - Chief religion before and after Jesus came & left th holy spirit w us. & then th Roman Catholics took over.

Twitter: @dompoching

POGS? How a vampire. The Roman Catholics have a jar of hydrogen flowing through this almost be funny without the legal council. Voltaire-

Twitter: @Atheist_eBooks

Please, no one explain to me how Roman Catholics are part of the "Zionist conspiracy". I really don't want to be "educated".

Twitter: @snakeoilbaron

I was raised Roman Catholic and as far as I can tell many Catholics only go to church because they'd rather not go to hell

Twitter: @Mightyfee

Intense on Roman Catholics

Twitter: @Lovelogist

In 2009 the PDP accused Peter Obi of denominational discrimination. There prove then was that 88% of Obi's cabinet were all roman-catholics.

Twitter: @ddivinerocks

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