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The reason Roman Catholics are allowed to use the rhythm method of birth control is that it doesn't work. #fortune

Twitter: @FortuneBSD

Romans crucified Christ. Israel them Catholics are bowing down to that Roman Catholic church as their god. Jewish synagogue (Revelation 3:9)

Twitter: @Bx12Tribes

@hibereibon i'm pretty sure Romans there became pagans. They became Roman Catholics but not pagan :-)

Twitter: @WrathMagik

it wasn't a problem when we took in large amounts of Italians, Greeks and Maltese people, most of them are roman catholics or orthodox.

Twitter: @vakzin8

Surely it's always morally superior for Roman Catholics to back God's incompetence in making children? #newsnight

Twitter: @JnthnMorse

I didn't realize how much emphasis Roman Catholics put on "human reason & experience" to determine disputes in methodology #RLST305a

Twitter: @kirsten_henn