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Roman Catholics on twitter
How to Reach Roman Catholics with the Gospel (part 7 – Scripture References)

Twitter: @ReachPortugal

Roman Catholics wrote the bible. Just let that sink in.

Twitter: @TheLiveLittles

Disrespecting Muslims and Roman Catholics and asking for respect doesn't make you anything but a hyprocrite. @RegghieOrpiada

Twitter: @christahaha

Obviously, Muslims hate [Roman] Catholics and deem them as corruptors of God's truth.

Twitter: @Kofimagne

Monty Python has a song about Roman Catholics not being allowed to use birth control. It's amazing.

Twitter: @Professor_Star

@marylene58 @Know_God @RJHimself @citi_zen @L The Roman Catholics did persecute & kill many of the Protestant reformation- that is sad.

Twitter: @Galatiansch2v20