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I'd love to win the giveaway to @LibertySciCtr @baristanet My children love puzzles but have never tried a rubik's cube!

Twitter: @eatrealfood

Witnessing a Rubik's cube competition. Color your world, man.

Twitter: @TMeisterJ

Bought a cheap watch to use at the gym and I'm 100% sure the security system + packaging cost more than the phone. Did I buy a Rubik's cube?

Twitter: @JSanch4

@martinthemonkey A Pac-Man Rubik's cube is the most 80's thing ever. I expect it to start playing "Don't You Want Me Baby."

Twitter: @rxchrisg

Rubiks Cube Tissue Box Cover Kit Big Bang Theory MAKE YOUR OWN #rubik #rubix #rubic #rubiks #rubik's #cubing #rubic's

Twitter: @FrizLj24

My little brothers such a dork he's at a Rubik's Cube competition but he's so happy and he's so cute

Twitter: @eemmm97