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RT @dannyRUu: Blue State Blues: Don't Take It Personally, America-Obama Doesn't Do 'Love' NOT BEING BORN HERE HELPS

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#nerdland don't even try to give Rudy G a pass. He is a racist and a bigot. Just listen to the ignorance spewing from his lips

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The things Rudy Giuliani says wouldn't sound so stupid if the lousy Dumb-o-crats would stop noticing them.

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RT @teenagesleuth: Rudy Guiliani: "He (Obama) wasn't brought up the way I was brought up..." True. The President has not, in fact, ever mar…

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Rudy Giuliani told CNN he's been getting death threats? I don't believe him #nerdland

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RT @BradThor: I cannot recall any president surrounded by so many people who fundamentally dislike America. Rudy didn't question his patrio…

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