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Rudy T on twitter
@SlimySnail I do not like green eggs and ham.

Twitter: @Rudy_T_Reindeer

RT @esteban1635: Didn't plan on getting drunk tonight but with $1.50 beer you can't blame me. 😳

Twitter: @rudy_saeid

Respect is so vital now a days because if yo bf/gf don't respect you then they not really yours.... Their theirs lol

Twitter: @Rudy___G

Just calling bitches out cause they ain't wanna ride wit me lol

Twitter: @Rudy___G

I don't know why some of you people follow me. But to be fair I don't even know why I follow some of you people.

Twitter: @Rudy_Trev

Bitch im the maaannn, yeah I said it. Bitch I'm the maannn, don't you forgett iiittt!!!

Twitter: @Rudy___G