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Rudy T on twitter
RT @Sports_Greats: In this life, you don't have to prove nothin' to nobody but yourself. -"Rudy"

Twitter: @AbdulYusaf

“@rudypeters: I don't know if I like the grey hair ... Does this means I'm getting older?” Just a bit wiser Rudy, finally ;)

Twitter: @Noisecontroller

You don't have a lot of patience with others who act selfishly... More for Libra

Twitter: @rudy_rubber

@starsandstripes "We don't just look at them as a guy with PTSD; I look at Rudy as a whole person," GOOD ARTICLE

Twitter: @jscottUSA1

Can't lie today.. Or yesterday was one Good. Ass. Day ... Ate Rudy's, picked up some attire, lifted a little. #goofygoober

Twitter: @the20two

@Annella Your 'poor Rudy' drank juice from bottle.No hostess their 2 offer a glass!He used a bathroom #mez didn't.He killed her. #amandaknox

Twitter: @Annella