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Rupert Murdoch on twitter
Fascinating... I detect hand of James Murdoch here

Twitter: @neilwallis1

Gary Neville sucks Rupert Murdoch's cock and is one of the reasons we failed at euro 2012.

Twitter: @thomascompany

RT @MayneReport: If Abbott really believes in "decent standards" why does he keep favouring that unethical rent seeker Rupert Murdoch http:…

Twitter: @korstraw

So this is how Sir Rupert Murdoch will be rewarded!

Twitter: @JustJimWillDo

$BGFV Rupert Murdoch believed to be involved in leading bid for Channel 5

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Like Rupert Murdoch?... Knights and dames: PM has power to bestow honours on non-Australians via @guardian

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