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Rupert Murdoch on twitter
@DarthVaderMsgs: Wait, so Vladimir Putin died and Rupert Murdoch died and..well, Fred Phelps already died, so I guess you've gained ground..

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@BBCiPlayer Thank you and God bless Her Majesty's BBC. Ignore that horrible Rupert Murdoch, your worth every penny of the licence fee.

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Time Warner/CNN: Running Scared: A small some-more than a month ago Rupert Murdoch charity Jeff Bewkes $80 bil...

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Rupert Murdoch the new maxwell, stupifying the western masses into hating muslims and blindly supporting israheil? #MOSSAD #isismovies

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Now: LGBT, Cops Gone Wild, Guns, 420, Rupert Murdoch & the rest of the Fox "News" Follies ► Headlines Du Jour-8/28/14

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The buck stops with the guy who signs the checks. - Rupert Murdoch

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