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Rush Limbaugh on twitter
RT @mboyle1: Rush Limbaugh: God Bless Jeff Sessions:

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Barry Defends His Daddy's Polygamy - The Rush Limbaugh Show OH MY MY! POLYGAMY? AND HE BASHED ROMNEY? BOY SOME STUFF

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The Rush Limbaugh

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RT @Pajoe: Can't stop death/taxes but you can Stop Paying Rush Limbaugh! Avoid Limbaugh advertiser, @aplaceformom and you > #DontPayRush …

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RT @NoMoAusterity: YES, YOU pay Rush Limbaugh every time you use Limbaugh advertisers. Avoid @SigalertTraffic and you #dontpayrush #p21 #u…

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RT @Pajoe: They only hear when you speak with your wallet! Avoid Rush Limbaugh advertisers, including @WeCareAir and you #DontPayRush - #1…

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