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Rush Limbaugh on twitter
So if you find yourself mirroring Rush Limbaugh's thoughts on the issue maybe it's time to rethink examine the issue.

Twitter: @finaldasa

Rush Limbaugh's reaction to the catcalling viral video mirrors a lot of male attitude:

Twitter: @finaldasa

RT @JohnFugelsang: Rush Limbaugh blames feminists for street harassment of women. He also blames broccoli for what gravy's done to his art…

Twitter: @ThePattyB

Wisdom from the biggest turd in the punch bowl

Twitter: @Willdogg50

.@FlyGPT Why support divisive Rush Limbaugh with ads on his show? Better to stand w/Civility and #stoprush ads

Twitter: @scwillow

RT @xcodyx5: Poverty is not the root cause of crime. -Rush Limbaugh

Twitter: @rasha_12006