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RT @businessinsider: Killed Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov vowed to 'free Russia from Putin'…

Twitter: @dagreb

RT @24todayneteng: Nemtsov planned to disclose evidence for Russia's presence in Donbas, Poroshenko says

Twitter: @IrinaKingsize

RT Democracy... Alive and well as ever in Russia... It's people would want to wake up to Putin MathieuOnRadio: De…

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RT @AttardMon: The best, but oh so depressing, piece since Boris Nemstov's shock assassination in Moscow last night:…

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RT @ianbremmer: 15 years ago, Boris Nemtsov and I thought Putin was the best way forward for Russia. We were wrong. RIP, Boris.…

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RT @AnneBayefsky: Putin critic gunned down steps from Kremlin. P.S. Russia a member of UN "Human Rights" Counc. http…

Twitter: @dagreb