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Russia on twitter
RT @eurocrat: Good example how Russia Today is spreading lies: FYI #Tusk's grandfather was in a concentration camp…

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RT @fast_ua: #Ukraine: Vladimir Putin calls on Kiev to enter 'statehood' talks for south-east Ukraine - The Guardian

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[In #Russia] "neo-Nazi fascist organizations ,, come to the fore during times of rising tensions such as in Moldova and #Georgia." #Ukraine

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RT @Freetradnistria: Tradnistrian volunteers joined the offensive of NAF in Mariupol. We want to defeat nazis and together with Novorossiya…

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I wish Napoleon Survived with his army in Russia and thrown the Tzar of the throne in 1813, I wish Hitler defeated Moscow and Stalin...

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RT @MaxRTucker: Breaking: #Ukraine's armed forces at #Lugansk airport say they are under attack by #Russia tank battalion

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