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@ashwinragde Jack Ryan: Tennis Recruit

Twitter: @Grant_Ramage

@Rinbob1 Hi Ryan. There have been some signalling issues affecting services that Network Rail have been working to fix. Grant

Twitter: @FGW

My boi grant came thru with that little ceasers @gman3254

Twitter: @_ryan_35_

RT @L14CPR: Ryan 'Michelle I believe in abstinence' Mum 'Aye, Tuesday to Thursday' You had to be there, Ryan was mortified 😂😂

Twitter: @Ryzza_Grant

@Ryan_Kanie @cartmanbantam @AnsellScott That's as maybe but the BR song is obscene and embarrassing, and, there are dozens of alternatives.

Twitter: @Grant_meister

@AnsellScott @cartmanbantam @Grant_meister I'm going to sing free the Bradford Ranger

Twitter: @Ryan_Kanie

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