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@sbrowne0819 I know. Am bidding online on lots of auction stuff! #SPCA

Twitter: @JanisB68

We’re donating $10 for every pillow with your pooch or kitty on it to the @BC_SPCA! Info at

Twitter: @MakeVancouver

The cat is out of the bag! @Uber_NZ and SPCA bring you on-demand kittens! #uberkittensnz

Twitter: @JuneBenefield

You could even give the SPCA that $30 whilst you visit them and their kittens

Twitter: @GrumpyYetAmusin

Whoohoo! It's @uber #Kittens day tomorrow in Auckland!! Problem is, I'd want to adopt them all @SPCA_Auckland

Twitter: @CraigDealey

You know you can donate $30 to the SPCA without putting the kittens through that, right?

Twitter: @PeopleofNZ