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#Sacram.AP #California Apr 01 03:53 Temperature 48°F cloudless Wind N 7 km/h Humidity 50% ..

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RT @PepperTheDog: #Adopt #Cat #CA A469722: A469722's Story: A469722's inf... Plz RT 2 Help

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New Apps Allow Smartphone Users To Live Broadcast Any Unfiltered Video Content @drudgereportapp

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Competition for '#sacramento web design': high. Only 8 websites with the exact keywords in the title: #RankPay

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A great place to sit on a rock and just the watch the water cascade RT @RoadTrekin

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Two Medicine, once the hub of all Glacier Park activity RT @Greatvine32

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Sacramento Books
The Adaptive School: A Sourcebook for Developing Collaborative Groups
Robert J. Garmston Co-developer of Cognitive Coaching and Adaptive Schools; emeritus professor California State University Sacramento, $49.95