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Sam Stanton on twitter
Sam Smith is perfect tonight.

Twitter: @Avery_Stanton

@TheRealMartyD They'll blow money on Sam Bradford or Drew Stanton or some jabroni, then hype him loke a WWE debut.

Twitter: @KenClyburn

RT @weston_womack: @Sam_taylor24 @AlexisSchooler @ColinxMC she has plenty of say, just bc she isn't black doesn't mean she doesn't feel the…

Twitter: @micah_stanton

I haven't been this excited since the Sam and Stanton Sweet trial. Am I right? @JimCarrey #CableGuy

Twitter: @ServingofConrad

RT @AverySullivan12: “Stanton Losing About $141 Million of Record Deal to Taxes” and I get mad when Uncle Sam takes …

Twitter: @coltonclanton

Uncle Sam is always looking to collect. Dude better tie this money up in a home and assets fast!

Twitter: @DCUmack