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Sam Stanton on twitter
@sam_sanchez2 I agree but it'll suck when we have to trade Stanton this offseason :(

Twitter: @orbandonor

@niggalous_ @brandon_oli @brodell26 we've already come out and said that we'll trade Zunino for nothing. Except Stanton, which won't happen.

Twitter: @Sam_Brunson

RT @HibernianFCClub: TV: @jordonforster23 and Sam Stanton chat to #HibsTV at the new away kit launch (watch out for @ElAlagui 's selfie)htt…

Twitter: @EmmaDonachyx

@jackmoran1875 not a patch on Sam Stanton😂

Twitter: @ianleado1875

RT @HibernianFCClub: Alan Stubbs and Sam Stanton celebrate the launch of the Transition Academy with @spartansfc htt…

Twitter: @DanielRMartin96

Sam Stanton though like wow I'm so jealous of people who got to meet him haha 😔

Twitter: @MeganSmith53