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RT @WhollyH2o: San Joaquin, major source for the SF Bay Delta, America's #1 endangered river.

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San Joaquin Wine Co's #CAWineLabel entry was designed for the 150th Anniversary of @YosemiteNPS!

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I biked 4.18 km with @mapmyride. Check out my route in San Joaquin, 12, Chile! #bike #cycling

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Think it is hot in San Joaquin County? In Tulare the shopping carts get screened from the sun.

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RT @IrvineFdn: Good piece RT @kevinmrafter: ICYMI - a dozen reasons why the San Joaquin Valley is important to CA’s future…

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"Officials: Commercial car washes are better during drought" Way to go, San Joaquin Valley Regional Water...

Twitter: @Water_Savers

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