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RT: Earth Log: We drive 110 million miles a day in the San Joaquin Valley? Really?

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RT @matt_weiser: #Groundwater crisis: #SanJoaquin #farms "desperately pumping water to keep crops alive" #drought vi…

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#Californiadrought: Record heat gives some San Joaquin Valley cantaloupe crops sunburn

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Air quality: Really? We drive 110 million miles a day in Valley?: Folks in the San Joaquin Valley drive nearly...

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RT @Saadal3000: USA: travelers in California’s San Joaquin Valley gather wildflowers in a field along Route 99 (from early 1940s) http://t.…

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Detroit Tigers’ Talks With San Diego Padres About Joaquin Benoit Should Include Chase Headley As... #VictorMartinez

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