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… I do two jobs besides going to school to finance my music and the videos and other projects. I am sick of people misjudging me

Twitter: @MaviPhoenix

Sitting in personal finance waiting to get out of this place I hate Sequoyah High School

Twitter: @PresleyJada

Was the recent Fordham school finance data dump just clickbait or is there signal in that noise?

Twitter: @arotherham

After January when I move out and start going to school, I'm going to see how my money is looking and then finance a car.

Twitter: @AishaDueberry

Reliving middle and high school computer classes today in my Governance and Finance class #Excel #ForumlasOnFormulas

Twitter: @martincram

So KPMG have just removed their sponsorship of London School of Economics Athletic Union due to an incident at...

Twitter: @QMSU_Sport