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Sea World on twitter
RT @MattyNemesis: “We’re gonna block the boat,” he called into a megaphone. “Block, block the boat.” #BlockTheBoat

Twitter: @Desertsaffron

#Nikiminaj for all the humanity in the world don't #twerk in any large bodies of water! Seismic sea waves #tsunami


dad taking me and georgia to sea world like we're four years old bless🐟🐠

Twitter: @_aannekex

RT @BeliebeAndSwag: I am the ocean. I am the sea. There is a world inside of me. #ocean #sea #quote #LyricTweet #BMTH #lurics

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[Pic] 140819 Next Entertainment World tweets photos of “Sea Fog” cast at stage greetings

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@ABCNews24 Dolphin slaves at Sea World. Roll up and buy a ticket to cruelty #GoodOldAussieAnimalAbuse

Twitter: @seaworldisevil