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Sean Hannity on twitter
“@Green_Footballs: Sean Hannity is running with Jim Hoft’s ridiculous “fractured eye socket” story tonight.” #p2 #FoxNews

Twitter: @Pu55yGalore

RT @palmaceiahome1: Sean Hannity ''Mr. President was the beheading of James Foley a Man caused disaster?'' ISIS #tcot POTUS

Twitter: @arrowsmithwoman

RT @Green_Footballs: That's right, folks. Sean Hannity is now citing @gatewaypundit, an overt racist who links to white supremacists.

Twitter: @jimbroadhead

#TipsForRacists if you try to bring up robert byrd from 60 years ago to try to absolve sean hannity, you already lost the discussion.

Twitter: @bluejaygunnyon

RT @Juicedog23: Sean Hannity Action Figure #SadProducts @midnight

Twitter: @CaffeineAndHate

RT @GaGaforIsrael: Happy to share our @seanhannity thank you letter was now picked up by the Jewish Voice. @netanyahu @IdoAharoni http://t.…

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