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Sean Hannity on twitter
Robert Spencer on Fox News Sean Hannity Show, October 6, 2014: via @YouTube

Twitter: @timodonnell14

Sean Hannity's sweet-natured wedding weepy. #PraiseFOX

Twitter: @RealHumanPraise

Obama's Holder Resigns! by Sean Hannity RT #TCOT #CCOT #MakeDCListen #TeaParty #Conservatives

Twitter: @CatholicsTweet

What a joke Sean Hannity is. How can someone like that even have a job?

Twitter: @HazR19

Sean Hannity has his rabid audience about to attack:...

Twitter: @Aunty__Em

Who's worse? Sean Hannity, or the Goy that subscribe to his Inane Drivel?

Twitter: @SthEaston