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Sean Hannity on twitter
RT @tysonmanker: Sean Hannity is a disgusting human being. #FergusonDecision

Twitter: @A_Hatz

@BBCWorld this is all because of Sean Hannity

Twitter: @ArizonaCarl

@FoxNews this is Sean Hannity's fault

Twitter: @ArizonaCarl

What a freakin idiot Sean Hannity is. Amusement level is so high sometimes it's hard to turn away. That's the ONLY reason #FoxNews keeps em.

Twitter: @Raptor2u

Great job Sean Hannity on taking down Daryl parks God bless america and black white green orange all of America

Twitter: @0413lar

RT @ChrisDzimmerman: People that are literally too stupid to exist: Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity.

Twitter: @freewebcamporn