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Twitter: @ZWill26

It's sad because I'm looking forward more to the Seattle game. There just so brutal to watch right now

Twitter: @maware_21

RT @TSN1040: Live pre-game from Seattle, @StuWaltersmedia and @chrisburns55 set up the Seahawks vs Steelers! Listen on #TSN1410 https://t.c…

Twitter: @StuWaltersmedia

RT @12thmanTim: It’s been 12 years since the #Steelers have played in #Seattle… #Steeler fans have been waiting for this day. A lot of fa…

Twitter: @DrizzyLee

@iamDOTCOM @KayzoMusic come to Seattle and play an 18+ show please. Then marry me, Chris.

Twitter: @JordanMellott

RT @wyche89: It doesn't matter the stadium, Steelers fans represent strong. The contingent is deep and getting deeper in Seattle. https://t…

Twitter: @BigARashad