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Shaquille O'Neal on twitter
FuShnickens ft Shaquille O Neal - Whats Up Doc (Can We Rock) (K Cuts Fat Trac Remix) @DEE52BACK

Twitter: @DEE52BACK

Shaquille O'Neal 2013-14 Court Kings 5X7 Box Toppers #11 - L.A Lakers

Twitter: @elbaron2k6

I liked a @YouTube video from @thuglyfegaming Shaquille O'Neal ZOMBIE: The Evil Within FUNNY Gameplay /

Twitter: @oscarlove88

@PushinUpRoses He started beating up Shaquille O'Neal, then they both got flattened by the Batmobile.

Twitter: @jaspers47

RT @MuscIeFitness: Excellence is not a singular act but a habit. You are what you do repeatedly. -Shaquille O'Neal

Twitter: @megglesv25

RT @Lakerholicz: When Kanye said “She ordered the Kobe beef like Shaquille O’Neal"

Twitter: @HoopSo_Hard