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@BillSimmons Shawn Kemp was better than Pippen 95-98....especially in playoffs. I dont get the comparison..MJ/Kemp would have destroyed ppl.

Twitter: @Frankie_Bankie_

Ballin On Deze Niggaz Plus I'm Dunking Bitxh I'm Shawn Kemp 🎢🎡

Twitter: @Grind_Hard5

RT @LifeAsBros: Shawn Kemp was so disrespectful πŸ˜†πŸ˜©

Twitter: @EKikeGarcia

RT @shuler_matt: Barb- Staying till 4 because of threat Shawn-No, we leave now Barb- Okay no problem

Twitter: @king__kemp

VINTAGE authentic SHAWN KEMP sonics PRO BASKETBALL $81.0 #vintage #bbloggers #rockabilly

Twitter: @MarylouMoretz

Shawn Kemp, Sonics RT @CoryTownes: Eric Lindros, Flyers RT @fivefifths: Dell Curry, Hornets RT @YeIIowbang: What was yall first jersey ever?

Twitter: @theeZane

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