Topic: Shedd Aquarium
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Shedd Aquarium on twitter
Yesterday in the aquarium i saw this fish😂 #angryfish #fish #aquarium #shedd #sheddaquarium #water…

Twitter: @FaisalAlHusayni

Just got home from @shedd_aquarium it was amazing! Reminded me how much I wanna work with animals/marine biologist & how small my tank is!😍

Twitter: @michellekings24

VLOG: Chicago Shedd Aquarium Adventure: via @YouTube

Twitter: @AnitriaandCorey

@house_of_darkly Ha, I have the @shedd_aquarium version of this! (Also possible weird foreshadowing for tonight's Emmy win?) @bonniegrrl

Twitter: @0bFuSc8

Shedd Aquarium is happening tomorrow. Who's in?

Twitter: @Blaynanator2133

No matter how old I am, the Shedd aquarium will always be the coolest place to visit

Twitter: @Yuan_Wayne

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