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Shedd Aquarium on twitter
RT @shedd_aquarium: Shedd has been nominated as Best Aquarium in North America by @USATODAY! Help us become number one:…

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Awesome, fun and educational Science Pub with @SolomonRDavid tonight @shedd_aquarium! If you missed it, you really missed out!

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I found Nemo @ Shedd Aquarium

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RT @MsKellyA: #Sheddscipub @shedd_aquarium with @SolomonRDavid tonight!! Join us for dinosaur fishes in the modern era!…

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RT @bdbrookes: @C2ST @MWRDGC @Ehmee @shedd_aquarium @argonne @IndirapHD @HDMZHealth Gotta admit I sort of miss that.

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RT @makeitbetterNS: Vote now to help @shedd_aquarium win as the Best North American Aquarium!

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