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@BoldFreshJew - a db cannot be 100% secure. There's no such thing as 100% security. Security is both a social statement and a tech-risk.

Twitter: @DataDistress

A friend of mine told me he went on Plenty of fish and said he said I am on Social Security and I do not have a car.

Twitter: @Tequilatattoo

@BinaNepram PM is an economic centrist, but social, political, and security conservative. Doubtful you will see the change you seek.

Twitter: @bp_201

@GooglePlay Yes but I don't know my last 4 social security card number

Twitter: @tamiragray36

RT @samronagnew: Social media is false security. You sit around and update people that don't truly care about your life rather than actuall…

Twitter: @Sk8historically

SalesforceVoice: 7 social media security tips to protect your business

Twitter: @DiscoveringPR