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RT @STcom: #Thailand's PM says country is not always safe for tourists, after murder of Britons…


@inter_L0per U keep mentioning India which wasnt part of the survey &neglect all the Islamic countries surveyed in South Asia,ME,Africa.Why?

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RT @UmarCheema1: Dawn editorial: As China/Japan singing economic pacts in South Asia, Pakistani leaders conspiring against each other http:…

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South Sea Karon Resort - Karon Beach | #betabookings #Karon Beach #hostel

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RT @B2STera: [VOTE] BEAST for South Korea's representative for the 2014 EMA's Best South East Asia Act!…

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@varungrover that is not south Asia my friend. We believe in more noise n less content

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South Asia Books
Norwegian Wood
Haruki Murakami, $7.11
The God of Small Things: A Novel
Arundhati Roy, $6.01
Edward W. Said, $9.43