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America kills south east! Slogan outside #donetsk republic HQ on east #ukraine

Twitter: @Dinanewman

City of Myths - IS THIS COLOMBIA’S MOST DANGEROUS ROAD? - #overland #overlanding #rtw #travel

Twitter: @OverlandSphere

RT @Imaginedragons: mexico and south america...we're coming for you.

Twitter: @pamperauhl

America has @Joan_Rivers and we South Africans have @kuliroberts .They dish it as they see fit , love these women.

Twitter: @ItsLeeto

Is this the cheapest cup of #coffee in America? Definitely the best deal I found on my road trip! #travel #roadtrip

Twitter: @TheAmandaWoods

In both Africa and South America, large army ants are used as surgical sutures. The wound is pulled

Twitter: @walkingyeti