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@Talking_Footy7 I see no one is having a crack at Brendan Gale now for going to South America during the year

Twitter: @BrianJArbuckle

@drewryanscott please come to South America or Europe, i wanna see you!

Twitter: @Vitoriamafra_

"NORTH AMERICA SOUTH"7-1 conquered #msd

Twitter: @sremica33

#News: More Colombian journalists corroborate that Man United will sign Radamel Falcao for €65m: South America...

Twitter: @DelPieroSeven

“Theres poverty in South America @Sir_Yinkz: The Money is not the Problem “@Dreez_B: A mid table club signing Falcao and Di maria. Smh””

Twitter: @Burmese_Tyga

Cannot wait for South America this year

Twitter: @JemimaMartin

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